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Globalize and Grow

iiD is a full-service digital agency helping both U.S. companies expand into Japan and Japanese companies globalize overseas. We provide global strategy, design and development, to allow effective market entry through global websites, apps, ecommerce, and communications.

We have a track record helping Japanese companies such as Hitachi, Daikin, ANA Airlines, NTT Docomo, Yokogawa Electric and others, effectively launch global websites and conduct marketing activities abroad.

For Japanese brands taking their digital channels global presents a multitude of new and complex questions.

  • How can a Japanese or U.S. brand build a digital global presence effectively in multiple languages?
  • How can it launch globally on desktop, mobile and tablet?
  • How can the UX of their digital product or service delight overseas users?
  • How do you unify inconsistent regional design, content, and functionality?

Global Strategy

Formulating a globalization strategy starts by researching the target market, competitor analysis and existing digital assets. From there we build a complete plan in line with the digital and social environment in that market to support the brand’s growth objectives.

Whether this means building brand awareness for a Japanese firm, launching ecommerce across borders or unifying all brand communications on a global scale, iiD will work with you and your regional stakeholders to facilitate the right plan.

Global Design

Taking a company overseas in digital requires seeing your user experience and brand expression through the eyes of a whole new set of users.

Our design team’s mission is to shine new light on existing UX and brand expression to allow the company to truly resonate on a regional level while staying true to the essence of the brand to differentiate it.

We find this equally true for a Tokyo-based brand expanding in New York as a Silicon Valley tech firm launching online services in Osaka.

Global Technology

We understand global-scale technology implementation, without the right solutions, can be time-consuming and costly. Adoption of affordable, open source technology is new to many Japanese companies who often use dated CMS. iiD uses an open source CMS, highly secure server environment and rapid localization solution that allows us to design, build and localize a multi-language site in the same time frame as a single language site.

We build websites and apps that allow presentation and content layers to live independently, cutting unnecessary man-hours of coding. We partner with a hosting company with data centers around the world for better performance and SEO, as well as consistent user experience in every market.

Red Bull

iiD designed and built Red Bull Japan’s web-based game for mobile and desktop to support the Red Bull 400, the brand’s real-world event in Sapporo. This branded game is a key approach to connecting with younger fans in Japan.



iiD facilitated a joint Japan and U.S.-based client team to create a responsive ecommerce site that leveraged a global template while bringing Japanese enhancements suitable to current Japanese users.


iiD delivered highly visual guides to help Sanofi Japan better communicate with diabetes patients across Japan. iiD developed a series of illustrated booklets to walk patients through the steps for how to self-administer insulin with imagery to support syringe use.

Working with iiD is an experience that delivers on business outcomes, on team growth outcomes, and on innovation outcomes. Simply put, iiD is a whirlwind of ideas and potential solutions to very high level problems. You get more than just a vendor when you team with them - you get a willing partner who wants to explore new frontiers.

Terry White
Former President, Modere Japan

iiD is the most creative and energetic global digital branding consultant I have ever met. Their passion is contageous -- they united, encouraged and guided the Yokogawa team when we embarked on a global branding and marketing communications campaign "Vigilance". We received the silver medal in global marketing from the Japan Marketing Association, which is really epic for a B2B brand here in Japan!

Shinichi Banno
Head of Innovation Office, Yokogawa

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