iiD recently helped launch the ‘I Am a Witness‘ campaign, having a great response in the news media.

To better enable “bystanders” in supporting bullied kids online, iiD held a design sprint using our co-design approach with teens at East Palo Alto Boys and Girls Club on July 10, 2015 to come up with ideas for the anti-bullying campaign. More effective than a focus group which tends to be leading, the sprint method had participants collaboratively sketch campaign design ideas in small groups of 3-4 teens and then present to the group. The following video footage captures more than just their ideas for the campaign, but their attitudes about apps and the web, thoughts on anonymity in digital, and their willingness to help bullied friends using a variety of digital engagements.

Watch the video to see our teen-centered design approach in action:


The key takeaways from the design sprint:

– Bystanders want to provide support – but stressed that they would want the option of being anonymous or public. Some fear offering advice publicly could result in them being the next bully. The word ”anonymous” was used a lot. One group even came up with the idea of an app called “Anonymous Advice”

– Instagram and Snapchat are their favorite apps

– When asked about their favorite websites – they initially listed “Instagram” and “Snapchat” until we had to explain that those are apps and not sites.

– They do not like Ask.FM as it’s a site where bullying takes place

– They don’t like/use Facebook

– They associate “apps” with their mobile phones and “websites” with their computers

– They associate mobile with having fun and connecting with others and desktops are where you get things done (homework) and passively entertaining (Netflix). This campaign should be primarily mobile.

– When asked how they use emojis, they answered “to show people how I feel” and “to express myself when you can’t see my face”

– They would use a “Stop Bullying” filter on a Snapchat photo if it was available

Here are some photos from our design sprint: