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iiD Launches Game-Changing Asset Management Site

iiD worked closely with Grandmaster Capital leadership to deliver engaging design, authentic messaging, and exceptional functionality.

Lance Shields

Empowering the User Through UX Design

Lance Shields – September 6, 2013

When you really think about, the element that is key to all technology is whether it empowers the user to do something more efficiently, more creatively, more expressively, and just plain better. Imagine a history running from Gutenberg’s printing press to Job’s Macintosh and you can imagine a stream of innovation that has empowered humankind […]

How Should Different Stakeholders Think About Responsive?

Lance Shields – August 27, 2013

Google recently announced that they would be implementing a new set of algorithms specifically designed to target websites that are not yet optimized for mobile devices. Consequently, those same websites representing companies who depend a lot on online traffic and conversions through SEO will be penalized in terms of their search rankings. Moreover, only a […]

The Ever-Morphing Interweb (circa mid-2013)

Lance Shields – August 15, 2013

The web has always changed and that is why we love it. With lots of changes and the recession dragging on in the past couple of years, iiD has seen a lot of shifts in client demands and in turn what we deliver to them. I thought it would be interesting to capture the flux […]

What does the Publicis-Omnicom merger mean to us little guys?

Lance Shields – August 11, 2013

With the recent formation of the Publicis Omnicom Group, now ousting WPP as the largest co-called “marketing monster“, the steadily maturing (weakening?) ad business is looking for a second chance. But let’s be clear, this is nothing new. What started back in the 70s with Saatchi brothers buying up all of the agencies and pressuring […]

iiD launched our website in Japanese!

Lance Shields – July 28, 2013

We’re happy to announce that iiD now has our agency website in Japanese. (iiDは、私たち自身の日本語ウェブサイトを立ち上げました。) Why go to the trouble of localizing our site? We believe having our company info, services and projects in Japanese is a key way to connect and build trust and credibility with our Japanese clients.  In the past few years, we […]

iiD Just Moved to North Beach!

Lance Shields – June 27, 2013

We wanted to share the good news that iiD just moved into a brand spanking new office in the heart of North Beach at 1606 Stockton St, dripping in history and cool character, both Italian and Beat era. Our new space is a lot roomier than our last office and is an important part of our […]

Falling in Love with Wireframes (Again)

Ken Chou – April 23, 2013

Picture yourself sitting in a brand new Ferrari.  A stimulating feeling of thrill and excitement rushes through your body.  Now while you try to manage and control your emotions, the more you process your surroundings, the more you feel attached to the car, like you belong in the driver seat.  It didn’t matter whether you […]

How Your Agency Website Can Make all the Difference

Lance Shields – April 7, 2013

After a lot of hard work on our brand positioning, design, and website build, we finally launched our new brand and website. As you may know, agencies can have the toughest time getting our own story and presentation right. iiD was no different. New message and positioning After having a careful look at what we […]

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