iiD is excited to launch two global websites for Japan telecom leader KDDI and Nippon PMAC to support their business growth in overseas markets. Working with Japanese brands to aid globalization is a key capability of our digital agency.

Travel Japan Wi-Fi (KDDI)

Through the Travel Japan Wi-Fi mobile app KDDI, Japan’s second-largest cellular operator with 20% market share, is looking to grow by providing free wi-fi service and travel deals to foreign visitors from Asia, the U.S., and Europe. Working directly with iiD, KDDI tasked iiD to design a website that shows off the innovative nature of the app and service and positions KDDI as the leader against NTT DoCoMo. Key to the success of the site was designing a brand and UI design that resonates with non-Japanese tourists across multiple cultures as well as developing a 5-language WordPress site that works on all devices.




Nippon PMAC, a domestic leader in air conditioning solutions for commercial buildings in Japan, decided to expand business into the U.S. by focusing on hotel heating and cooling systems in major east coast cities. iiD delivered a B2B marketing site that is a major departure from the firm’s domestic brand and website. Focused on attracting hotel decision-makers, we crafted an elegant design and streamlined communications to raise awareness of the market entrant and generate sales leads.