James Higa, renowned Apple executive and Silicon Valley guru talks about what Japan needs to do to succeed and grow in the future. As part of the excellent Northern California Japan Society panel discussion moderated by Dan Rather to discuss the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and Higa talks about what to expect from Japan as we approach the next Tokyo Olympics in 2020. James said that for Japan to go global means opening up to the outside world, embracing open source technology, and leverage their unique strengths to be a part of global technology trends around openness.

Learn more about the talk by Dan Rather about his upcoming documentary ‘Ashes to Gold: How the 1964 Olympics Transformed Japan and Lessons for 2020’ and the intriguing discussion moderated with Dan Rather, James Higa, Dr. Tomohiko Taniguchi and Steven Vogel.

It struck me that Japan could use the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as an opportunity to encourage emerging Japanese startup community by funding them to implement solutions for the upcoming Olympics.