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Envisioning the Future of Financial Planning for ADP Members


iiD crafted a UX approach to make personal finance more meaningful and actionable for members’ future retirements.

ADP tasked iiD with creating new UX strategy and UI design to motivate payroll and cash card members to fully leverage ADP Aline services through a simple and interactive experience. Top priority was to take advantage of ADP’s unique financial data to help people save and plan their finances.

User Experience Design

Through a collaborative process with the client we delivered an extensive set of wireframes that defined the new user experience. We used the wireframing process to identify core features of the home page, simulation tools and statements. One of the innovations of the UX process was the “Life Changes Tool” interface that allows user-driven options for how to plan and optimize their savings and retirement.


UI Design and Data Visualization

We created the brand and visual design of the ADP Aline member website. The site UI was designed to help members after login make the best use of their payroll statements and cash card activity through interactive graphs and simulators. It was important to make data actionable to visualize a member’s payroll statements and cash card activity intuitively.


A UX and visual design system to give ADP a fresh way to bring real meaning to users’ financial data.



Data Visualization, UX Strategy and Design, UI Design



We gave members tools to make the most of their data now made visible and actionable.

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