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User Experience & UI Design for Global Nonprofit Organization

Dress for Success

iiD crafted a user experience to help volunteers and donors support women in 140 cities worldwide

The first challenge to overcome was designing a new brand for Dress For Success whose mission is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women. The next was to deliver a site structure that allows for a global messaging platform as well as a local affiliate content and activation. Our solution was a mobile optimized, global site with big picture “stories” to allow users to easily navigate to local affiliate sites and take action in their city. As always there was the need to make the organization accessible across all devices with a well-designed responsive website.


User Experience Design

Dress For Success had the complexity of existing as both a worldwide organization and a local “affiliate” to help disadvantaged women get back on their feet, receive suits and training and enable them to enter the workforce. Our global homepage wireframe featured success stories of women to inspire while providing CTAs for engaged users to take action. The “Get Involved” wireframe illustrated the “7 ways to get involved” to encourage a variety of actions such as donating clothes, giving money and volunteering, no matter what level of engagement the user is willing to take.


Branding and Responsive Design

To create an effective UI design, we first took a close look at the existing Dress For Success brand and enhanced it to suit contemporary tastes. The creative concept focused on the humanity of the women the brand served and the passion of the organization. At the same time, the goal of our layout and graphics was to allow for a compelling visual experience and typography across all devices for this responsive site. The end product was a strongly branded non-profit site that engaged users to get involved on a local level.


User experience & UI design to provide a network of support and career development tools



Content Strategy, UX Architecture, Branding, UI Design, Responsive Design



Design thinking that helps Dress For Success effectively engage volunteers and donors

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