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B2B Branding and Responsive Web Design for Retail Services

Order Dynamics

iiD helped a leading eCommerce software and services provider to rebrand via a new responsive website

Order Dynamics integrate a first-of-a-kind decision analytics platform that turns data into enterprise-wide actions, with the leading global SaaS order management platform to deliver efficient retail operations. Their commerce and content platform delivers the seamless customer experience of selling across all channels. We helped them clearly communicate this unique product suite through intelligent brand design and copywriting delivered via a new responsive website.

User Experience Design

iiD’s user experience process captured the UX through a detailed wireframes. Through an iterative process and gathering input from the client team, our UX designer produced a complete set of screens to simplify their engineer-led story and funnel prospects quickly to Marketo lead gen forms to drive conversion.


Branding for Multiple Product Lines

An important part of the project involved creating distinct visual branding for 5 separate product lines that also have the ability to integrate and work together.


Content Marketing

iiD not only designed the new product branding and website but also delivered a content strategy and B2B copywriting to place deep, engaging content into relevant contextual placements throughout the site. This strategy allows users to browse the site and learn about Order Dynamics at a high level and then learn more when they’re seriously considering engaging with the company.



B2B branding, copywriting and communications for a leading eCommerce services provider



B2B Branding, Copywriting, UX Architecture, UI Design, Responsive Design



Helped to position Order Dynamics as the recognized industry leader in retail and eCommerce services

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