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Launching Online Brand to Deliver New AI for Marketers


While modern marketers are generally accepting of new technologies and beliefs about AI are largely positive, it was vital for Protagonist to tell a compelling story through their site and brand video.

Protagonist delivers the first intelligent technology platform to harness Big Data, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to identify, measure and shape narratives. iiD launched Protagonist’s new website and brand story video to communicate their innovative AI technology for marketers.

Branding and UI Design

iiD designers were tasked with creating a completely new and original brand and UI design for the AI solution provider for marketers. Based on our brand workshop and competitive analysis our design team provided creative solutions for custom iconography, unique layouts, video, photography, and a homepage brand video.

Protagonist Story Video

Protagonist needed an animated video to play on their site and in sales calls. Our solution was an emotional video and motion design piece that tells the story of how they use artificial intelligence to understand the beliefs of an audience in the form of “narrative analytics”.

Our Client

“The iiD team again did a fantastic job on a website redesign that I’ve been responsible for. Protagonist has a very advanced and potentially complex product for our buyers to understand and they built a site that clearly and effectively engages the user. The site also has the polish and great UI that our clients, including brands like Microsoft and LinkedIn, expect.”

Damon Waldron, VP of Marketing


Responsive website design and development for b2b technology start-up



B2B Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, UX Architecture, UI Design, Responsive Development



iiD delivered a strategy and design that increased conversion within days of launch

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