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Illustrated How-To Booklets for Diabetes Patients


iiD delivered highly visual guides to help Sanofi better communicate with diabetes patients across Japan.

In Japan, Sanofi is the leader in diabetes treatments. But how do you get creative with a diabetes product guide? We did it by telling the story visually and by focusing on a solution that not only helped our client’s business but also helps patients get the treatment they need.

Imagery and Data to Support Understanding

iiD developed a series of illustrated booklets to walk patients through the steps for how to self-administer insulin with imagery to support syringe use. Colorful charts were also used to engage people with data and given them a better grasp of the topic. Friendly illustrations of doctors and patients are incorporated to give the booklets a human tone and manner.

How-To Booklet Illustration & Layout

Understanding how to properly self-administer insulin is lacking among a surprising number of diabetes patients. iiD was tasked with creating storybook-style, how-to content in Japanese. We did a deep dive into diabetes, insulin administration and the common misunderstandings diabetes patients and their families face.


Illustration and booklet design for a Japan-based pharmaceutical company



Creative Direction, Illustration, Copywriting, Print Design



Marketing and educational tools that help Sanofi better communicate with their customers

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